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Research and Development

Current Projects

The research group is working in this projects, that are involved in diferent knowledge areas where the group is working.

ACTIVATE     e-Inclusión | Nacional | MINECO

ACTIVATE - Plataforma en Cloud para la gestión familiar de personas en dependencia. El objetivo de ACTIVATE es el desarrollo de un sistema basado en TIC y el concepto de Cloud, que ayude al entorno familiar de una persona en situación de dependencia o independiente pero con carencias en su autonomía, a gestionar mejor el día a día de su cuidado de larga duración (Long Term Care) gracias a la disponibilidad de información de su actividad y su entorno de manera continua y veraz.

Emotiva     e-Inclusión | Nacional | MINETUR

eMOTIVA is a tool of the ‘Internet of the future’, which creates a synergy between the doctors and those elderly persons with cognitive decline caused by illness associated with dementia, in order to encourage social inclusion as a therapeutic method, thanks to the use of digital content as a response to behavioural disorders. The project aim is for the integration and testing of the necessary infrastructure, for the monitoring and motivation of people with dementia in institutions.

Enjoy-it     e-Salud | Nacional | MINETUR

The Enjoy-IT! project aims to design, development and validate a leisure platform and advanced content, that will constitute a practical realisation of the new products and services that will form part of the ‘Internet of the Future’. The funcionalities used make up only one possible application to the various technologies present in the leisure platform, to support children, sociocultural and events organisers, and organisations and entities specialising in leisure and cultural activities.

Fasys     e-Salud | Nacional | CDTI

FASyS (Completely Secure and Healthy Factory). The main aim of the FASyS is the development of a new factory model, whose design minimalises risk to security and health and, at the same time, guarantees the wellbeing and comfort of the worker when dealing with machines, assembly or handling of goods.

Futures     e-Inclusión | Nacional | MINETUR

FutuRES (Technological comprehensive platform for the residence of the future). The main goal of the FutuRES project is to develop a set of tools which are technologically and conceptually innovative.The technological tools to develop by this project try to contribute to promote the Information Society among institutionalized elderly and provide efficient solutions to real problems taking into account the specific needs, worries and demands proposed by the beneficiaries of the system themselves, that is, the elderly, their relatives and the social and medical professionals.

HeartCycle     e-Salud | Europeo | 7FP

The objective of the HeartCycle project is to extend the concept of the management system for chronic disease developped in the MyHeart project, and apply it to specific groups of patients with the emphasis on improving the adherence of the patient to the medication and change in lifestyle.

HeartWays     e-Salud | Europeo | 7FP

HEARTWAYS is a European Project that has the objective to develop an advanced modular solution for supporting cardiac patients in rehabilitation outside a medicalized centre with the aid of wearable sensors and intelligent algorithms that personalize the management and the follow-up for patients and professionals.

Hécate     e-Inclusión | Nacional | MINETUR

El proyecto HÉCATE tiene como finalidad mejorar tanto la información sobre barreras físicas hacia los ciudadanos con discapacidad, limitando sus derechos de uso y participación de su ciudad, como las barreras tecnológicas hacia los profesionales, que pueden proporcionar soluciones a dichas limitaciones.

Managed Outcomes     e-Salud | Europeo | 7FP

Managed Outcomes main goal is to study the healthcare systems in Europe and its main parameters (structure of healthcare delivery, costs, efficiency, accessibility, quality of care, patient empowerment...). On the basis of all this information, the project will develop more effective and efficient healthcare systems models. The knowledge generated by Managed Outcomes project will lay the foundations for developing a future European healthcare system model: a more sustainable health system to encounter universal challenges of healthcare demand, with a new scientific approach building on service operations management.

Metabo     e-Salud | Europeo | 7FP

The aim of the METABO project is the improvement of the clinical management of diabetes by using the latest available technologies to define new patient follow-up pathways inside the health care systems and to help the diabetic patients to improve their own disease management.

MySPHERA bq     e-Salud | Nacional | MINECO

The project SPHERAbq (Sistema de Información para la Gestión eficiente del Bloque Quirúrgico en un Centro Hospitalario) aims to develop an Information System for Efficient Management of Surgery Units in Hospitals. It will support scheduling, activity and operation safety protocols, thinking in professionals, patients and relatives. The tool is based on data proceeding from sources such as the Hospital Information System -HIS- and Real Time Location Systems and will provide essential information in the correct moment and place to improve overall surgery performance.

M-inclusion     e-Inclusión | Europeo | 7FP

The project Mobile Inclusion Platform for Europe and Latin America (M-Inclusion) is a Support Action funded by the European Commission whose overall objective is to create a cooperation framework between EU and LATAM mobile solution developers and different entities (e.g., public bodies, Third Sector associations) voicing the digital inclusion needs of people at risk of exclusion in LATAM in order to improve their personal autonomy, and through that, their social integration.

Observatics     e-Salud | Nacional

El “Observatorio permanente de las TIC en la Salud” (ObservaTICS) es el resultado de la necesidad de contar con herramientas que nos permitan conocer lo que está ocurriendo, en un terreno caracterizado por una rápida evolución, volatilidad y obsolescencia. Contar con herramientas que nos faciliten el análisis, de manera continua, de el desarrollo e influencia de las TIC en todos los ámbitos de la Salud humana, permitirá investigar aspectos hasta ahora desconocidos de estas áreas de conocimiento y, mas allá seremos capaces de extraer conclusiones y, con ellas, tomar decisiones, valorar los cambios y avanzar, en definitiva.

Promoción del uso de contenidos digitales de calidad dirigidos al paciente a través de salupedia     
e-Salud | Nacional | MINETUR

El objetivo primordial del proyecto consiste en el fomento del uso de SALUPEDIA por parte de los profesionales de la Salud, recomendando contenidos de calidad en la plataforma (a través del registro profesional en SALUPEDIA) y dirigiendo a sus pacientes hacia SALUPEDIA como recurso fiable en temas de salud.

REAAL     e-Inclusión | Europeo | 7FP

ReAAL (make it ReAAL) is an European CIP project of the 7th Framework Program. The project is being carried out by a consortium of a total of 19 partners, with Fraunhofer IGD (Germany) as coordinator, and with duration of 36 months.

Salupedia     e-Salud | Nacional | MINETUR

The project provides an invaluable tool to healthcare professionals recommending health information, as well as to patients, family members and the user in general, for whom Salupedia is a trustworthy and useful place for finding quality information on the net. The user has access to trustworthy information on health matters, recommended by professionals. The professional, in the same way, has access to a secure platform where he can interact with his patients and supply them with information.

Ter-remote     e-Inclusión | Nacional | MINETUR


TER_ReMOTE (Plataforma para el despliegue de servicios multimedia remotos para terapias de rehabilitación física). The aim of the TER_ReMOTE project is to design, implement and validate a platform for the display and testing of remote multimedia services with therapeutic applications, concentrating on the sphere of physical rehabilitation. This platform should service as support in the development of new therapies for physical rehabilitation, promoting the possibility of establising ways to reproduce the current therapeutic techniques in the patients’ homes.

Ultrasound     e-Salud | Nacional | MINETUR


The aim of the project, coordinated by the company Webmetrics, is the creation of a social multichannel platform of communication and training in ultrasound scan for the health professionals in Primary Healthcare. The online platform USPH (UltraSoundPrimaryHealthcare) gives response like that to several needs: training in the use of ultrasound scanners in Primary Healthcare, training and updating in diagnosis of the image in AP; boost of the discussion, the communication and the spreading among peers through the development of the differential digital contents in which we can include simulation, creation of a repository of ultrasound images and medical cases and the development of specific applications for use of the platform in digital devices as smartphones or tablets.

universAAL     e-Inclusión | Europeo | 7FP


universAAL (UNIVERsal open platform and reference Specification for Ambient Assisted Living). The main objective of the project is to make it technically feasible and economically viable to conceive, design and deploy innovative new AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) services. The potential benefits of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions are already clearly recognised, and societal trends indicate that they will be attractive to a large and increasing number of people. universAAL aims to reduce barriers to adoption and to promote the development and widespread uptake of innovative AAL solutions.

Veritas     e-Inclusión | Europeo | 7FP


VERITAS (Virtual and Augmented Environments and Realistic User Interactions To achieve Embedded Accessibility DesignS). The goal is to introduce simulation based and virtual reality testing at all stages of assistive technologies product design and development into the automotive, smart living spaces (buildings & construction, domotics), workplace, e-health and infotainment applications areas. The goal is to ensure that future products and services are being systematically designed for all people including those with disabilities and functional limitations as well as older people.