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Current Partners and Alliances

ACES (Asociación Catalana de Entidades de Salud)

ACES logo

ACES (Asociación Catalana de Entidades de Salud) es una asociación empresarial, fundada en 1977, dedicada a la defensa y promoción de los derechos e intereses de los centros sanitarios privados y a la proyección de los servicios sanitarios y sociales. Su misión es participar en la consecución de un sistema sanitario sostenible, próximo, accesible y de calidad que ofrezca cobertura a las necesidades sanitarias y sociales de los ciudadanos.


Federación Española de Enfermedades Raras

FEDER logo

FEDER is the organization that integrates the patients with low prevalence,it is one of the main platforms of patients in Spain.

It is integrated by over 170 associations, representing more than 900 different diseases, and its objective is to fight for the rights and interests of people affected, in order to improve their quality of life.


Sociedad Española de Medicina de Familia y Comunitaria

Semfyc logo

semFYC Is a scientific society of primary care doctors, non-profit-making, the purpose is promote the development of the family and community medicine in Spain, as well the contribution to the development of the Primary care of Health.

The activity of the semFYC is based on a cooperative and participative work, being the scientific excellence and the leadership the two maximum exponents.


Asociación Médica Argentina

AMA logo

AMA is the most important professional medical association in Argentina as regards number of members, history, associated scientific societies and scientific and educational activities.

In 2007 a collaboration agreement was signed for the establishment of a strategic alliance between AMA and ITACA-TSB, whose objective is to establish permanent information and collaboration ties for the carrying out of joint activities and projects.


Fundación Telefónica

Fundación Telefónica logo

Since the year 2002 Fundación Telefónica and ITACA-TSB have collaborated in creating and maintaining Internet spaces for the improvement of health care in the educational community and also for research into the Internet phenomenon and health portals.

Camposalud.com was established to focus on the university community and has become one of the ten leading Spanish-language health portals, with half a million visits.

In 2007 Educasalud.org was created, within the framework of Educared, to focus on the pre-university educational community. Educasalud deals with the subject of education for health in schools and offers information, teaching aids and interactive spaces for parents and teachers.


Fundación OVSI

OVSI logo

ITACA has been working with the Foundation of the Valencia Office for the Information Society (OVSI) since 2003 in areas related to health and wellbeing.

Within the framework of the Alcoy – Digital City project, under the direction of the OVSI Foundation and financed by the Alcoy Council, the Regional Government of Valencia and the Spanish Ministry of Works, the LYRA system was developed and implanted for the integral management of the Home Care Unit of the Hospital Virgen de los Lirios of Alcoy.

Since it began, this project has received the support of the Health Department of the Valencia Regional Government, which is now financing the introduction of the Lyra system in the Home Care Units of its other hospitals.


Fundación Vodafone

Fundación Vodafone logo

The collaboration with Vodafone foundation date back to 2001 with the joint participation in the European project CONFIDENT.

The success of this collaboration has made possible that, since then, other European projects has been promoted in joint participation (MyHeart, Persona, Heart Cycle,…), as well as training and diffusion activities, like the Annual Vodafone Conference, where we are invited speakers since the first edition.


Hospital Universitario Dr. Peset

Dr. Peset logo

We have been cooperating with this hospital since 2002 in ICT applications for environmental problem solving. The clearest example of technology transfer, with the aim of covering the hospital’s needs, is Mobile CMA, an m-health application that improves post-operative follow-up of Outpatient Surgery Units by information exchange (questionnaires and images) between patients and hospital staff. Using GPRS/UMTS networks and the latest mobile terminals the system provides a high quality and efficient service which allows patients to be continuously monitored in their homes.

Hospital Universitario La Fe

La FE logo

Cooperation and transfer activities with this hospital began in 2000 and our collaboration with the Home Care Unit has been specially fruitful. This unit has participated in different R&D initiatives, both Spanish (GIPA), European (Ideas in e-Health and CAREPATHS) and in technology transfer (integral Home Care Unit management systems).

These activities laid the groundwork for the signing of a Cooperation Framework Agreement between ITACA and the Hospital La Fe in 2004, in a strategic alliance with the following objectives:

  • To detect and solve, through the use of ICT, social and health problems in the home care area.
  • To promote the integral and integrating management of care processes for chronic patients, involving medical personnel from primary, special and hospital care units.
  • To design, define and implement care paths, facilitating the design and execution of care plans, applied to patients with a certain pathology and a predictable clinical outcome. This system applies Evidence Based Medicine and a patient-based individualised health philosophy with the aim of putting these products and services on the market.

Hospitales NISA

NISA logo

NISA is the largest private hospital group in the Region of Valencia and has been cooperating with TSB since 1998.

In recent years, different tele-assistance services developed by TSB (tele-gynacology for high-risk pregnancies, tele-dermatology, etc) have been available in NISA hospitals.

At the present time, the NISA Hospital Valencia al Mar has a Teledermatology service for the control and observation of patients with medium and long term illnesses. This service is based on the use of mobile telephones and permits a continuous interactive relationship between patients and doctors throughout the therapeutic process.


Gobierno de Neuquén- Argentina

Gobierno Neuquen logo

In 2006 an agreement was signed with the government of Neuquén (Argentina) for the validation, implementation, investigation, use and joint management of innovative services and advanced Telemedicine systems developed by the TSB Group of the ITACA Association.

The idea behind the agreement was to facilitate the work of health professionals and improve the quality of life of the population of Neuquén province through the application of these technologies

At present they are operating our ARGO system, which maintains contact between the main hospital and various primary care centres.



Siemens logo

ITACA has been collaborating with SIEMENS since 2003, when both organisations began work on the development of a domotic system, Telemedicina y Ocio Creativo, which was aimed at groups with special needs. Since then, their common interests have led to participation in European projects such as ASK-IT and OASIS. The former has been in operation for three years and the latter is expected to begin in January 2008. Both projects have a common denominator in being aimed at special need groups.

The ASK-IT project aims to facilitate the access of persons with reduced mobility to a wide range of services when they are travelling. These include: medical assistance, guidance, information concerning accessible transport, hotels and restaurants and many other services.

The OASIS project will provide care and attention to the elderly in their daily activities. Siemens and ITACA are the technical directors for the development of solutions in nutrition, healthy living, leisure and communication.

They also collaborate in the development of home assistance platforms such as Profit GTS (Global Teleassistance System) and PAH, which is an assistance gateway for the home. These projects are the origin of a common strategy for a new generation of home assistance systems.

The latest, and perhaps the most ambitious, common project is AMVITAL in the CENIT programme of the Ministry for Industry. Siemens is one of the participating companies in the project, which has a budget of over Є20m. Together with Telefónica I+D, Telvent Interactiva , Ericsson and various other firms they aim to develop an integral solution for the field of home care. The programme foresees that part of the R&D activity will be subcontracted to leading research centres in the field. ITACA has been chosen by Siemens for this work.


Telefónica Móviles

Telefonica logo

In September 2005 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between ITACA and Telefónica Móviles España S.A.U. (TME) with the objective of working together in a technological alliance to create, exploit and promote new products for the mobile telephone market with special emphasis on the health sector.

The collaboration between TSB and the Vertical Applications Department of TME focuses on the search for new mobile services and/or improvement to existing services for both patients and professionals in the e-health field. The main research areas are: home care, SMS reminders (medicines, appointments, etc.), health promotion campaigns, post-operative follow-up, remote monitoring systems, handling of emergencies, location and mobile teleassistance.

An application developed by TSB for the control of dermatology patients in their homes through the transmission of photos and questionnaires by mobile phone was the first product resulting from the agreement.

Currently, work is in progress on new R&D initiatives using latest generation mobiles to provide social services.



TSB logo

TSB Tecnologías para la Salud y el Bienestar establishes and develops new technologies for personalised healthcare and well-being, improving people’s quality of life and using its technological and research abilities to create new business opportunities.

TSB was founded in February 2008 as a spin-off of the ITACA Institute of the Polytechnic University in Valencia. With over ten years of research experience for the healthcare sector and thanks to the its structure and alliances, TSB is able to evaluate effectively and take advantage of the business potential which arises from the most relevant R&D results in this field, introducing into the market innovative solutions and products which meet each client needs.

TSB has an important network of professional and personal relationships with Spanish and multinational companies, public administrations, non-governmental organisations and with agencies dedicated to funding R&D&i, established within the framework of the research projects and contracts carried out. As a result, TSB has a wide and in-depth view of the state of technology, of our competences and of the market in general.