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Site map

All our web pages have the same layout, consisting of Headings and Main Menu at the top, with Sub-Menus and the Contents section always on the left.

Conformity with standard

All our web pages are designed to provide easy access for the handicapped and conform to the relevant Spanish standards UNE 139803 "Aplicaciones informáticas para personas con discapacidad Requisitos de accesibilidad para contenidos en la Web".

In case of access difficulties due to verification requirements, please notify tsb@itaca.upv.es


An alternative text description of all images on our web pages can be obtained by pressing the “Alt” key. Although the border=”0” attribute is not advisable and is not found in most navigators, it may appear in navigators that do not use the style attribute, but page accessibility will not be affected.

Visual Design

Relative sizes are used in the fonts, so that text size may vary in the corresponding navigator option.

The web makes intensive use of style sheets for page layouts and tables are not used in the design.

If your navigator does not use style sheets, page content will still be legible.

The use of Javascript is kept to the minimum and is not essential for navigating the site.