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Advertencias y avisos legales

Property of this page

The group known as “El grupo de Tecnologías para la Salud y el Bienestar (TSB), del Instituto ITACA de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia” controls the full property rights of this page. Certain authors have granted exclusive rights to certain extracts included in the page.

The copyright © of scientific and informative contents belongs to the web compilers and collaborators in proportion to their contributions to the same.

Intellectual property rights to the codes and software developed belongs to the Instituto ITACA de la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

For whom the information is intended

TSB is a corporate portal designed for professional visitors. Its objective is to publicise the Health and Wellbeing Technologies Group’s activities and to provide information on ICT developments as applied to public health and wellbeing.

Information on different aspects of health care can be downloaded from this page. This information has been carefully selected and is based as far as possible on current scientific evidence, however it is not intended to substitute the normal doctor-patient relationship or a personal consultation with a doctor or professional health specialist.

Security and privacy

ITACA-TSB se compromete a salvaguardar la identidad y privacidad de los datos personales, tanto de los visitantes del portal, como de pacientes individuales. Aunque a través de nuestras páginas de acceso libre no manejamos datos personales sensibles, nos sometemos a la legislación española sobre protección de datos, y a los principales códigos de ética vigentes.

Exterior links

Our page includes links to other pages which in our opinion provide useful information of possible interest to visitors. This does not mean that we have any rights or responsibilities for the information, updating, or for the access to these sites, but we do make an effort to keep these links up to date.

Incoming links

Outside links to our page are permitted and encouraged without the need for previous authorisation. However, links from commercial and e-commerce organisations do need previous authorisation from our web team. In all cases, any such links must include a complete visualisation of the page, i.e. it must not be contained in secondary frames. Our full address should always be seen in the navigator bar. In case of difficulty in creating a link to our page, please contact:
Responsables de la Web .

Intellectual property: restrictions on the use of information

The intellectual property rights of all information contained in the portal belong to its individual authors. Diffusion and reproduction of such information is freely permitted provided that its origin and relevant authors are duly credited and its exploitation does not provide monetary gain to those who make use of it.

Public and gratuitous diffusion by any means of the logotype and banners of the TSB Group is authorised, provided that a hyperlink is provided to its source.

The above authorisations do not imply any concession of the intellectual property rights to the information used. Nor do they entail the renunciation of legal action in the case of non-compliance with the conditions of use. We would be grateful to be informed of any use or reference to information contained in our pages.

However, for commercial organisations and e-commerce portals the diffusion and use of information contained in http://www.tsb.upv.es will be subject to the previous express authorisation of the TSB Group.

All images appearing in the portal, unless specifically stated otherwise, are the property of ITACA-TSB or of other companies from which the appropriate licenses have been obtained. The authors’ rights to all such images are fully protected by law. Their public use and diffusion by any means are prohibited.

Policy regarding publicity

ITACA-TSB at the present time is not sponsored by any type of publicity. If any campaigns were to be carried out, they would be placed in the portal pages clearly distinguished from the other contents and marked with a publicity label. In no case would publicity incompatible with the portal’s ethical standards be accepted.

Any references in the portal to any product, service or process, link, hypertext or any other information, bearing the trademark, commercial name or the name of a manufacturer or supplier, being the property of third parties, do not constitute or imply support, sponsorship or recommendation by ITACA-TSB.

Sponsors and medical products mentioned in the page

At certain times the page may include the names of commercial products. This is only done to provide examples or to assist visitors and does not imply any commercial relationship between any such product and ITACA-TSB. Should any such commercial relationship be entered into in the future, this will be stated in the warnings section.

Free software

The page includes a section on free software, which has been selected for quality and frequency of use. Links lead directly to companies and organisations offering these materials. Visitors who make use of them should strictly adhere to any instructions given by the software company to obtain access. ITACA-TSB does not accept any responsibility for any subsequent relationship that may arise between visitors and software companies.

Internet behaviour code

ITACA-TSB subscribes to the criteria of Webs Médicas de Calidad (pWMC) and the Código de Conducta HON (Health On the Net-Salud en la Red)

ITACA-TSB actively collaborates in the project Webs Médicas de Calidad (pWMC), and works together with HON Foundation in certain international projects.

General conditions applicable to the use of the portal

1.- The services and information available in this portal are provided totally free of charge.

2.- ITACA-TSB reserves the right to modify the conditions and terms of use of the portal without previous notice.

3.- The use of the portal is subject to Spanish jurisdiction and to these general conditions.

4.- Use of the portal for any unlawful act is prohibited, especially the following:

  • The sending of unsolicited e-mails or spamming.
  • Any breach of the rights of third parties.
  • Any activity that contains any form of illegal content.
  • The introduction of computer viruses, defective archives or programs that could harm or damage the portal, the Spanish Association of Tissue banks, or third parties.
  • The use of this web page for commercial purposes or in any way other than in furthering the objectives of ITACA-TSB.

5.- The proprietors of http://www.tsb.upv.es do not accept any responsibility for any harm that may be caused to third parties by inappropriate or illegal use of the portal, or for any harm resulting from the contents of the page or information obtained from it, or from any sites with links to it. Users or other parties that cause any such harm will be held responsible.

6.- The availability and continuity of the functioning of the portal and its services are not guaranteed and the proprietors will not be held responsible for any harm or detriment that may be caused due to the absence of its availability and/or continuity.


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