III Workshop on Technology for Healthcare and Healthy Lifestyle, 2011
Valencia / Spain
1 y 2 de Diciembre 2011
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Poster III Workshop on on Technology for Healthcare and Healthy Lifestyle
Thursday 1st Dec 2011
Red Cube Auditorium
Opening in charge of the Organizing Committee
Red Cube Auditorium
Session I:
Biomedical Data Processing
Chair: Flavio Pileggi
CEIB: A R&D services in bioimaging oriented to integration of environments with HER on Cloud Computing
Speaker: María de la Iglesia
Full Paper Pdf video
Imaging Biomarkers Automated Structured
Speaker: C. Perez-Castillo
Full Paper Pdf video
Gas Control System for Neonates
Speaker: Álvaro Hermida
Full Paper Pdf video
Red Cube Hall
Red Cube Auditorium
Session II:
AAL& eHealth
Chair: Teresa Meneu
Decision support system for health continuous vigilance in industrial environments
Speaker: María Martínez
Full Paper Pdf
Remote daily activity of Parkinson’s disease patients: the Akinesia assessment
Speaker: Matteo Pastorino
Full Paper Pdf video
Supporting Mass Evacuation Guidance within Public Transport Environments during a Disaster Event
Speaker: Viveca Jiménez
Full Paper Pdf video
Goal-Oriented Design Methodology Applied to User Interfaces in AmI Systems for Functional Assessment
Speaker: Gloria Cea
Full Paper Pdf video
OASIS Nutritional Advisor Service: a technical view
Speaker: Hector Galán
Full Paper Pdf video
Distributed and synchronized users’ profile management for Ambient Assisted Living services
Speaker: Alberto Esteban
Full Paper Pdf video
Use of hierarchical model-view-controller architecture for user interaction in AAL environments
Speaker: Álvaro Fides
Full Paper Pdf video
Red Cube Hall
15:50/18:00 Parallel Session III:
Chair: Jose Ignacio Basagoiti
Parallel Session IV:
Monitorization & Persuasion Technologies
Chair: Juan Miguel García Gómez
APTIC a knowledge repository for parents and caregivers of children with chronic diseases
Speaker: Beni Gómez Zúñiga
Full Paper Pdf video
Acceptability of an Online Emotional Therapy System to Apply Homework Assignments in Adjustment Disorder: A Case Study
Speaker: Soledad Quero
Full Paper Pdf video
Patient data security in a wireless and mobile world
Speaker: Florencio Cano
Full Paper Pdf video
A New Approach Parameterization of Cognitive Disabilities
Speaker: Ana Navarro
Full Paper Pdf video
Guía metabólica: empowerment through health 2.0 tools in inborn errors of metabolism
Speaker: Mercedes Serrano
Full Paper Pdf video
Serious Games For Dementia illness Detection and Motivation: The eMotiva Experience
Speaker: José Luis Bayo
Full Paper Pdf video
Serious Games for Dynamic Content and Advanced Entertainment Services
Speaker: María Amparo Navarro
Full Paper Pdf video
An iPhone-based application for promoting type 2 diabetic patients self-management towards healthy lifestyle habits
Speaker: Alejandro González
Full Paper Pdf video
eHealth policies review: From European Union to the Valencia Region
Speaker: José Enrique Borrás
Full Paper Pdf video
Analysis of Prosodic Patterns in Conversational Speech in People with Alzheimer’s Disease
Speaker: Cenk Demiroglu
Full Paper Pdf video
20:30/23:00 SOCIAL EVENT

Friday 2nd Dec 2011
Red Cube Auditorium
Presentation in charge of the Organizing Committee
09:20/10:55 Roundtable I:
Salud 2.0
Chair: Dr. Vicente Traver Salcedo
Jaime Alapont
(Hospital General de Valencia)
Pdf video
Ignacio Basagoiti
Pdf video
Manuel Armañones
(Universitat Oberta de Catalunya)
Pdf video
Questions and conclusions
Red Cube Hall
11:30/13:30 Roundtable II: Nutrition 2.0
Chair: Ana Navarro Cerdá
Roundtable III:
Technology to support independent living for disabled people
Chair: Juan Carlos Naranjo Martínez
video video video video
video video video video
Joy Ngo de la Cruz
(Nutrition Research Foundation-Barcelona)
Ana Sevilla
(Fundación Vodafone)
Purificación García
(Grupo Cuina)
Marta Tante García
(Federación Nacional ASPAYM)
Rebeca Gónzalez Carrascosa
Cristina Ferrero Ovelar
(ASPAYM Castilla y León)
Piedad Coscollá
Guillermo Ramiro Sala
(Fundación CEDAT)
Samuel Martin
Pedro Ramiro Pollo
(Fundación CEDAT)
Juan Medina
(Ayuntamiento de Quart)
Felip Miralles
(Barcelona Digital)
Jaisiel Madrid Sánchez
Red Cube Auditorium
by Carlos Ripoll
Director de VLC-Campus
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III Workshop on Technology for Healthcare and Healthy Lifestyle, 2011
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