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Warning and legal advices

Property of this page

The Technology for Health and Well-being (TSB) area of the ITACA Institute in the Universitat Politècnica de València, are the holders of this page. Some of the resources included here have been given by the authors for an exclusive use in this page.

The copyright of the scientific material belongs to the people in charge of the web and collaborators, as long as they have been involved in its creation.

The intellectual property of the code and software developed here belongs to the ITACA Institute, in the Universitat Politècnica de València.

Addressee of this information is the official page of the event WTHS`11, and it is addressed to professional visitors. Its objective is to spread the activities of this event and to be a way of communication between the organizing committee and visitors (attendees, companies, journalists and professionals interested in this subject).

The web site allows downloading documents and information about different aspects of this event. There is information related to the human health’s care, but in any case is addressed to specific cases or individual illnesses , neither its purpose is to replace the relation between the doctor and the patient or a personal appointment with a doctor or a Healthcare professional.

Security and confidentiality

ITACA-TSB commits itself to the safeguard of the identity and privacy of the web site visitor’s personal details as well as individual patients. Although, in our free access page, we do not handle sensible personal details, we do comply with the Spanish legislation about data’s protection and the main current ethics codes.

Outgoing links

This web site has included links to other pages that could be interesting for the visitors. These sites provide, in our opinion, useful information. It does not mean any property or responsibility about the contents of those links, their updating or access conditions. Nevertheless we make an effort to keep these links updated.

Incoming links

We allow making links to this web and we also stimulate and encourage this situation without any previous authorization. However, those links coming from any profit organisation or web sites devoted to e-commerce, should be authorized by the team in charge of our web. In all cases, the links should be of the entire page and not inside frames and always allowing that the correct address of our web appears in the browser. In the case that you have technical problems including us without a frame, we request you to get in contact with the team in charge of the web.

Intellectual property: restriction in the use of the information

The intellectual property of the information included in the web site, of any type, belongs to their authors. The circulation and reproduction of this information is free if the authors are correctly cited and the information is not used to generate economic or commercial profits.

We authorize the public and free diffusion in any means of the logo and banners of the group TSB and of the WTHS`11 event, always providing one hyperlink to its origin.

These authorizations do not mean an assignment of the intellectual property of the information being used and we will take legal action against the non-fulfilment of the using conditions. We will be grateful if you let us know the use or reference of the information included in these pages.

However, for those profit organisations or web sites devoted to e-commerce, the use and circulation of the information included in will be conditioned to the previous and express authorization of the TSB group.

The pictures included on the web site, are property of ITACA-TSB, (except for any specific notification against it) and others companies with licensing faculties and they have protected royalties. Their public use or spreading in other media is forbidden.

Policy related to publicity

At present WTHS`11 is not funded with any kind of publicity. In case that an advertising campaign would be made, the advert will be placed in the web site clearly distinguished from the rest of contents and with the term publicity. The publicity incompatible with the ethics of the web site will not be accepted in any case.

Possible references in the web site of any product, service, process, link, hypertext or any other information using the brand, the commercial name or the name of the manufacturer or provider, which belongs to a third-party, does not involve support, sponsorship or recommendation by ITACA-TSB or the WTHS`11 event.

Sponsorship and medical products mentioned in this page

The web site can include, in certain and specific places, names of commercial products. In this case, it will be done as an example or an aid for visitors, but it does not mean any commercial relation between the products and ITACA-TSB. In the case that this relation could exist in the future, it would be included in this warnings section.

Free software

This page includes one section about free software. The best and most commonly used software has been selected. The links included here go directly to the pages of the companies and organizations who offer this material. The visitor who accesses these links should follow scrupulously the instructions that each company makes to accede the software. ITACA-TSB steps aside from any later relation generated between the visitors and these organizations.

General conditions applicable to the use of the web site

  • The services and information offered in this web site are totally free.
  • ITACA- TSB reserves the right to modify the conditions or the terms of use of the web site, without previous notice.
  • The use of the current web site is ruled by the Spanish legal regulations and by these general conditions.
  • It is forbidden to make use of the web site for any action against the current legality and specially the following:
  1. Spamming.
  2. Any kind of rights violation perpetrated against a third-party.
  3. Any kind of activity which contents are illegal somehow.
  4. Introducing computer virus, defective files or software that could cause any damage or prejudice to the web site, to the TSB or third-parties.
  5. Using this web with a commercial purpose or in an inappropriate way according with its finality.
  • The owners of are not responsible in any case, of any damage that an illegal or inappropriate use of the web site could cause to a third-party. Neither if there is any consequence because of the contents or information accessible or provided by the web site or other sites linked to it. The responsibility will fall on the users or the third-party who causes the damages.
  • The availability and continuity of the web site and its services is not certain. Therefore it will not be responsible for the damages and prejudices that the lack of its availability or continuity could cause.


For any doubt or explanation you may address to the responsible of the team in charge of our web site.

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